Wiesbaden is the capital of Hessen. There live two hundred eighty-six thousand people. Wiesbaden is the second largest city in this federal land (Frankfurt is the first). Wiesbaden name means "a meadow bath." There is one of the oldest resorts in Europe here, which includes twenty-six hot thermal springs and a few cold ones. Wiesbaden is situated at the confluence of the River Main into the Rhine. The first settlements here date back to Neolithic times. The first mention of the local hot springs go back to the Roman times. Pliny the Elder wrote about them in his "Natural History". Hessen was established immediately after World War II, and at the same time Wiesbaden became its capital. The Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany is situated in the city.


The climate is temperate in Wiesbaden, the average winter temperature is about zero degrees Celsius, in summer - about 19.


Wiesbaden is located about twenty kilometers away from Frankfurt, where is the nearest airport. There is a railway station in the city; there are also several ports on the banks of Rhine and Main.

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Altstadtapartment Rochusstraße

Address: Rochusstraße 6, Mainz

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Altstadtapartment Mainz

Address: Münsterstrasse 8, Mainz

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Gonsenheimer Hof

Address: Mainzer Strasse 132, Mainz

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Villa Rheinblick

Address: An der Klaus 6, Wiesbaden

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ibis budget Wiesbaden Nordenstadt

Address: Borsigstr. 30, Nordenstadt

ibis budget Wiesbaden Nordenstadt

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Business Hostel Wiesbaden

Address: Luisenstr. 18, Wiesbaden

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Lalaland Bed & Breakfast

Address: Friedrichstrasse 57, Wiesbaden

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Hotel Braun

Address: Aukammallee 19, Wiesbaden

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B&B Hotel Wiesbaden

Address: Mainzer Straße 89, Wiesbaden

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Zimmer Frei

Address: Chattenstraße 14, Nordenstadt

Check-In 16:00-20:00 Check-Out 14:00

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