Vicenza is a city in the Veneto region and the capital of the same name province. It is often called “City of Palladio” because of numerous projects in Late Renaissance style that were incarnated by famous architecture Andrea Palladio. Because of its exceptional cultural value Vicenza was included in 1994 I INESCO World heritage list. Notable architecture structures here are Palladio palace in Gothic style on Piazza dei Siniore, Teatro Olimpico (the first example of permanent covered theatre), palaces Ciericati, Valmarana Barbaran Da Porto and more. Vicenza main cathedral is also built by Andrea Palladio. City attracts not only with its architecture but also with parks and bridges.


Climate is semi-continental. Summer is hot and dry, winter is cool and rainy. In winter and autumn mists and thunderstorms are common.


The nearest airports are in nearby provinces, in Veneto region and Lombardi. From there you can reach Vicenza by train (line Milan-Venice).

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Hotels in VICENZA

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B&B San Francesco

Address: Contra San Francesco 57, Vicenza

Check-In 17:00-19:00 Check-Out 08:00-10:00

B&B Ponte Marchese

Address: Via Damiano Chiesa 13, Caldogno

Check-In 14:00-19:00 Check-Out 11:30

Nina Guest House

Address: Via Ca' Storta 17, Longare

Check-In 16:00-21:00 Check-Out 08:00-11:00

House delle Bele

Address: Via Contrà Ponte delle Bele 5, Vicenza

Check-In 08:30-20:00 Check-Out 08:00-12:00

B&B Portico Rosso

Address: Contrà San Rocco 28, Vicenza

Check-In 15:00-20:00 Check-Out 08:00-10:30

B&B Venere House

Address: Viale Milano 37, Vicenza

Check-In 14:30-19:30 Check-Out 08:00-10:00

Locanda Dai Bei

Address: Via Colderuga 24, Longare

Check-In 15:00-21:00 Check-Out 08:00-11:00

Mamma Rosa

Address: Strada del Tormeno 111, Vicenza

Check-In 15:00-21:00 Check-Out 07:30-10:30

Azienda Agricola Arcugnano

Address: Via Giardini 55, Arcugnano

Azienda Agricola Arcugnano

Check-In 16:00-20:00 Check-Out 08:00-10:00

Baba's B&B

Address: Contrà Motton Pusterla 5, Vicenza

Check-In 18:00-22:00 Check-Out 08:00-10:00

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