Barselona is the capital of Catalonia, Spanish autonomous community on the North-East of the country, and a second largest city in Spain. The official language together with Spanish is Catalan; furthermore the majority of people fluently speak English – that’s why it is easy to find in restaurants and hotels information not only in Spanish. Spain is a member state of the Europe Union, according to this euro it’s official currency. Foreign currency can be changed at saving banks “Caixes” (Monday to Friday 8.30 to 2.00 pm, and Thursday afternoons, from September to June, 4.30 pm to 7.45 pm), banks (Monday – Friday from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm, Sunday, except summer months, from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm) and at the main railway and autobus stations. All institutions in Barcelona open at 8-9 am and end at 6-7 pm, with a 2-hour break at 2 pm. Holidays in Barcelona: Official holidays throughout Spain - New Year%27s Day (01/01) - Three Kings%27s Day or Twelfth Nigh (06/01) - Columbus%27 Day or National Day of Spain (12/10) - All Saints%27 Day Official holidays in Catalonia: - Easter Monday (25/04) - St John%27s Day (24/06) - Saint Stephen%27s Day (26/12) Local holidays: - first day of the Setmana Blanca or "White Week" school holiday (07/03) - Festival of la Mercè (24/09)


Barcelona belongs to GMT+1 time zone during winter period and to GMT+2 – during summer period. Barcelona, facing the Mediterranean Sea, has a warm climate - tourists can enjoy sunny weather and lovely beaches, totaling 5 km of coastline, all the year.


There is also urban and metropolitan rail network, which supplements Barcelona’s metro network – it contains of 3 lines. Time: Monday-Thursday, Sunday and public holidays: 5am -midnight. Friday: 5am-2am. Saturday and evenings before public holidays on 1/1, 24/6, 15/8 and 24/9: continuous service. Another popular public transport is tram. It is a perfect alternative to metro, which provides easy access to Barcelona’s major industrial areas, shopping centres and parks. There are 2 tram lines. Time: Monday-Thursday, Sunday and public holidays: 5am - midnight. Fridays, Saturdays and evenings before public holidays: 5am-2pm. Barcelona has a bus service and there is a special night-bus service (Nit Bus), which connects the city and suburban area. All buses begin at 10.40 or 11.40 and end at 05.00 or 06.00 am. They all stop at or depart from Barcelona’s Plaça de Catalunya. Airport of Barcelona, El Prat, is located 16 kilometers south from the city. Access to airport: - Aerobus A1, A2. Journey time: 35 minutes. Departs from Plaça de Catalunya every 10 minutes from 05.28 am to 23.14 pm. From airport: 5.42 am – 23.38 pm. Ticket price: 5.30 euro – one way, 9.15 – return. - Train (RENFE), departs from Renfe (Spanish Rail) stations at Sants (05.13 am – 23.11 pm) every 30 minutes. Journey time – 19 minutes. - 46 Autobus, departs from Pl. d’Espanya to Barcelona Airport (05.00 am – 00.15 am) every 30 minutes. Ticket price: 1.40 euro. - Night bus №17, runs from Ronda Universitat / Pl. Catalunya to Airport every 20 minutes, one way ticket price – 1.40 euro.

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Luxury Central Apartment

Address: Diputació, 205, Floor 1, Barcelona

Luxury Central Apartment

Check-In 15:00-20:00 Check-Out 06:00-11:00

Bcn Central Terrace

Address: Sepúlveda, 66 - Sobreatico 2, Barcelona

Check-In 14:00-00:00 Check-Out 08:00-11:00

Barcelona Touristic Apartments

Address: Vilamari 126 Principal 1º, Barcelona

Barcelona Touristic Apartments

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Address: Floridablanca 90, 1º 1ª, Barcelona

Check-In 15:00 Check-Out 11:00

Petit Rosselló

Address: Carrer Rosselló, 275 - 3 A, Barcelona

Check-In 15:00 Check-Out 10:00

Ramblas Suites

Address: Peu de la Creu, 19 - Entresuelo 1, Barcelona

Check-In 14:30-21:00 Check-Out 08:00-10:30

Barcelona Group Apartments

Address: Balmes, 64, Barcelona

Check-In 16:00-20:30 Check-Out 08:30-12:00

OH! Barcelona Apartment

Address: Margarit, 38, Barcelona

Check-In 13:00-22:00 Check-Out 08:00-11:00

A Home in Barcelona

Address: Santa Catalina, 71, 5º, Barcelona

Check-In 16:00-20:00 Check-Out 09:00-11:00

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