Madrid is the capital of Spain, the centre of the same-named autonomous community and the biggest city of the country. Official language there is Spanish, nevertheless some people speak other recognized languages of autonomous communities – Catalan, Galician, Basque. Because of great number of immigrants are often heart other foreign languages, particularly Arabic. If You travel to Madrid, it’s very advantageous to by special MadridCard, which offers discounts, free entrance to more than 50 museums and unlimited trips on public transport. There are cards for 24, 36, 72 or 120 hours with different options included – you can choose one with free admissions on the Discover Tours or Discounts for flamenco shows, clubs and bars. The price is differing according to chosen options; there are discounts for children, students and senior.


Madrid is located on the altitude 650 m over the sea level, because of this during the winter is colder than in the cities situated on the coastline; due to Madrid%27s altitude and dry climate the difference between summer and winter temperature is rather big. The most pleasant weather falls between May and first half of June (20-23 degrees C), and through end of the summer it’s really hot. Nevertheless Madrid’s climate is considered to be one of the healthiest in Europe due to its close proximity to the mountains.


Madrid’s metro is divided into 4 Metro Zones – A, B1, B2, B3 - according to the further one’s gets from the centre of the city. You can buy a individual ticket for every zone priced at 2.00 euros – it’s valid for one journey through chosen zone and it’s also include one EMT bus journey. The tickets are available at the ticket office or the automatic ticket machine. But it’s more convenient to buy a Metrobus 10 journey ticket (9.30 euro) that gives you 10 journeys on every metro line through zone A and 10 EMT bus journeys – these buses depart from Plaza de Colón to Madrid Airport. The Metrobús ticket has no expiration date so it can be used by your travel companions – these kind of tickets are available from automatic ticket machines on the bus and metro stations. There are tree main Bus Stations in Madrid - Estación Sur de Madrid (Sur), de Avenida de América (Norte), Estación de Conde de Casal. The buses within Madrid are red, and called EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transporte), the same company provides a transfer to Barajas Airport – line 200 and line 204. Buses operate from 6.00 am till 23.30 pm. During night period there are night buses, their timetable and waiting time depends on each line. Madrid Airport Barajas consists of 4 terminals – T1 (international flights), T2 (domestic flights), T3 (regional flights) and T4.

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Hotels in MADRID

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Cozy Central Apartment

Address: Amparo, 68, 1º exterior, Madrid

Check-In 14:00 Check-Out 06:00-12:00


Address: Mancebos 14, 2 Izda, Madrid

Check-In 15:00-21:00 Check-Out 12:00

Metropol Rooms Chueca

Address: Santa Teresa, 12, Madrid

Check-In 14:00-21:00 Check-Out 12:00

Apartamentos Cruz

Address: De la Cruz, 22, Madrid

Check-In 15:00-23:00 Check-Out 12:00

Casa Nuraghe

Address: Ballesta, 12, Madrid

Check-In 15:00-18:00 Check-Out 12:00

Principe Santa Ana

Address: Principe 4, Madrid

Principe Santa Ana

Check-In 12:00 Check-Out 11:00

Dream Gran Vía 46 Apartments

Address: Gran Vía, 46, Madrid

Check-In 15:00 Check-Out 12:00

Mimis Apartments

Address: Marques Viudo de pontejos, 15, Madrid

Check-In 15:00-00:00 Check-Out 11:00-12:00

Madrid Flamenco

Address: Aduana, 23 1D, Madrid

Check-In 15:00 Check-Out 11:00


Address: Lope de Rueda, 32, Madrid

Check-In 16:00-21:00 Check-Out 12:00

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