Budapest, the capital of Hungary with the population about 1,7 million persons, formed as a result of merge of several Hungarian cities, by right is considered one of the most remarkable cities in Europe. After long walk on the Hungarian National museum or the Museum of History of Budapest, relax, having plunged into one of hot mineral sources thanks to which the city has received the resort name. Admire set of sights, walking on quay of Danube, and then walk under the prospectus of Andrashi which is considered the most representative street of Budapest and it is entered in the list the world heritage of UNESCO, leave on it on surprising on the beauty the Area of Heroes and touch nice events of the Hungarian history, considering a majestic Memorial of the 1000 anniversary of finding of the native land. Necessarily try local cuisine dishes (but remember: It is necessary to avoid the restaurants specially focused on tourists) and drink a cup of fragrant coffee in one of numerous local coffee houses. You will be unequivocally amazed by beauty of Budapest and want to return here.


Continental climate.


The international airport Ferihed.

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Hotels in BUDAPEST

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Mini London

Address: Ferenc körút 25., Budapest

Check-In 13:00-22:00 Check-Out 11:00

Downtown Apartment

Address: Ó utca 38, Budapest

Downtown Apartment

Check-In 14:00-20:00 Check-Out 06:00-11:00

Hostel Just Right

Address: Rákóczi út 40. 3/12., Budapest

Check-In 11:00 Check-Out 11:00

Kingster Apartman

Address: József körút 74., Budapest

Check-In 14:00-22:00 Check-Out 08:00-10:00

Poly Apartment

Address: Ipoly utca 26/a, Budapest

Check-In 14:00-21:00 Check-Out 11:00

Lark Apartments

Address: Csalogány utca 6-10. I. 15., Budapest

Check-In 14:00-20:00 Check-Out 07:00-10:00

Krisco Apartments

Address: Erzsébet krt 40-42., Budapest

Check-In 13:00-23:00 Check-Out 11:00

Romantique Apartment

Address: Magas utca 5 fszt. 3, Budapest

Check-In 15:00-22:00 Check-Out 08:00-12:00

Hotel Omnibusz Apartments

Address: Dózsa György út 17. 1/1, Budapest

Check-In 14:00-20:00 Check-Out 07:00-12:00

Casa Tua

Address: Rumbach S. u. 6. IV.2/a., Budapest

Check-In 13:00 Check-Out 10:00

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